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    Default Pricing Help.

    Hi all.

    My geabox has pretty much died overnight (not allowing 4th and lots of stick movement when accelerating) and im 99% sure its no longer covered by the warranty. So ive been looking around for prices for a new gearbox and ive been getting quotes from around £600 all the way up to £1200 and im just wondering what the general price should be as i dont want to be ripped off but i also dont want to risk anymore damage by getting a repair on the cheap.

    Any advice much appreciated.

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    Check out the WG Motorworks website as they have some prices on there. Also check out Halifax Gearboxes. These two places are the best in the business. Good luck.

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    Best prices are Halifax Gearboxes and WG Motorworks,

    There's also Premier Transmissions in Birmingham but I don't know of anyone who's been there

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