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    Default Windscreen Wiper Motor Help...

    Hi Guys,

    I'm new to the forum! I've owned 3 Corsas and all 3 have had crappy windscreen wiper motors which have banged against the A Pillar and/or Bonnet. I've recently got a Arctic Corsa with Sight and Light and the rain in Manchester has been pretty heavy and on Friday it started to hit the bonnet on every 5th swish it had never done this before... just my luck. (mentioning S&L because it was choosing what speed was best, so not my fault ) So the reason for this thread is does anyone have any suggestions on what would be the best way to fix this issue? New aftermarket motors are on ebay for about 60 quid but would they be worse then OEM ones? Do facelifts have redesigned versions which don't make the blades bang? Anywhere do a uprated parts?... I've looked but cant find any threads on good solutions..

    PS - I never use wipers when windscreen is covered in snow ect..

    Sorry its abit wordy!

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    Play in the wiper linkages isn't uncommon and causes the symptoms you're describing

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    On my 3rd motor now and put upratted linkage on doent hit nothing just judders now and again

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