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    Default Brake Pad/Disc Upgrade

    Just noticed the car's breaks have started squeaking and after levering 12,000 miles I'm guessing it's going to need new pads.
    Now I've got the Brembo's so I know pads'll be a little more anyway. Fancying swapping my discs for some grooved and possibly vented ones at the same time as I'll be going for fast road pads.
    Can't see any for sale anywhere.
    Anyone know any sites selling this?

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    The standard discs are £400 a pair, so if you can even get hold of upgrade discs yet, the won't be cheap.

    Regal have a selection of upgrade pads
    Arden Corsa VXR

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    Pads are the same as the burg ones so easy enough to find. Discs are a little tricky as they're 330mm on the PP. No where seems to make them yet.

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