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Thread: Upgrade to DAB

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    Default Upgrade to DAB

    Looking at upgrading my CD30 to a digital radio but want it to be vauxhall official. Has amyone had their system upgraded after manufacture or had it added on at date of manufacture? Pics appreciated

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    You can't upgrade a normal CD30 to have DAB.

    Some CD30s came with DAB so you'd need to buy one of those but they are quite rare to find unfortunately.

    Aftermarket would be your best option, or wire in your phone?
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    I agree, I've heard the DAB wasn't the best on them anyway.

    If I was you I'd get a Eonon Headunit or similar if you want a factory look. They're just plug and play and can buy the DAB unit that plugs into them. The newest ones can read OBD readers to which is cool af imo. Expensive but worth it for all the features you get.

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    I could sell you my DAB CD30 if you like. Put an Eonon unit in about a year ago now.

    Its like new, cars a 64 plate.

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