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    Default A16 Decat On Z16 Help

    Alright so I have the Astra H 1.6T (Z16LET) and looking to get a double decat, I currently have a
    Custom made cat back exhuast and will be getting a custom made decat but when it comes to the precat im struggling I wanted the enhance performance 3" precat decat but is listed for the A16 Engines.

    Would this precat still fit on my Z16 engine since I am having the rest custom made? Or would the precat not fit on my turbo?...

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    No it won't, the A16 prcat has a different flange to the Z16.

    Why don't you just buy the Z16 precat decat?

    There are loads for sale everywhere and the Corsa one is identical to the Astra one you have (according to AstraOwnersNetwork) - e.g;

    Only £80.

    If it was the bore you were bothered about 2.5" is more than enough, although Cobra do a 2.75".
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