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    Default Dashboard Rattle

    I've had an annoying rattle on the dash of my Corsa VXR (D) which is coming from below the instrument cluster cowling.

    It has been taken apart several times, the dealer has replaced the instrument cluster, used padding etc, all to no effect! It stops if you press down in the middle where it meets the main dash. I can't drive around like that though.

    Any one had similar issues? Any solutions on how to fix? The dealer is scratching their head!


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    Not had that issue. But if you can pinpoint where it's from, can you stick a foam block between the dash?

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    Squeaks and rattles are the things that send most of us nuts when they happen if they are not the obvious like something floating about in the glove box or lose trim it takes time to find the culprit

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    You could inject a polysterene expanding filler in a bit at a time but a bit drastic and not good for future dash work !

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