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Thread: Few Pics

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    Default Few Pics

    Had the car over 2 years now which is when I usually start to get jittery if I'm still driving the same thing , (although I did only have my first zaffy vxr about 4 weeks before I sold it ).

    So I've had the obligatory jitters over the last 3 months until I came to my senses recently, gave myself a good talking to and decided it's obviously going nowhere...

    Anyway, I never did put any pics up on here so here's a few randomish ones after a quick clean earlier. It's now I remembered I forgot the exhaust haha, really need to get the front sorted out too - it's plastered in stone chips hey ho....

    And for the Euros, always do it for that and the World Cup (this one had to be done twice as a thousand birds decided to dump all over it within 3 hours of getting it put on haha.
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    Hi. Die Hard. Car looks great I came to the same crossroad a year ago and believe it or not I had been looking to change the exhaust that took me a year to make my mind up as to which one I would go for anyway I decided on what I wanted talked it over with my local Vauxhall garage on a price to fit to the car ( they were brilliant ) jobs a good one car sounds great. Six months after car was in for a service and I had been thinking along the same lines as you I was talking to the manager of the garage who takes a big interest in the car and he talked me into seeing sense I have had my car for 4 years it's done 15-500 miles and has been no trouble at all so it's still here. Now looking at your lovely pictures if I had to make a guess as to where the photos of the car in the scenic shots would it be Abbottsbury hill Dorset. All the best

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    Looks sweet mate! Looks gleaming in black! Bet the zaust sounds epic! haha

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    About bloody time lol

    V8, not for everyone but 10/10 for your effort.

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