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Thread: Stage 3 ready.

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    Default Stage 3 ready.

    Right then lads, im ready for stage 3 just waiting for the postman.
    Brand new airtec FMIC
    Brand new 3" turbo back with sports cat and 1 silencer (dont want it to loud)
    just fitted my pipercross panel filter (dont like cone to loud)
    JS Performance intake hose
    I have 395cc injectors ready also

    Just looking for advice on where to go thinking Courtnay or WG Motorworks (Rabbid)

    What sort of figures will i be looking at producing?

    Will it last long?
    61 Plate chilli orange burg
    Car is on 75k FSH
    owned by a girl before me
    I will be doing oil every 5k
    warmed up and cooled down properly
    Always run on Tesco 99 Momentum
    Hardly ever put my foot down and when i do i only take it to about 6k revs

    Just looking to see what peoples opinions are
    All help appriciated.

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    I ran courtenays stage 3 for around 47,000 miles with no issues with standard injectors its all down to how you look after it can't comment on rabbid as never used him can't remember the power figures as it was a long time ago now
    for all your VXR tuning needs phone courtenays on 01692 404313 or vist

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