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    Default Ebc redstuff brake fade.

    Just wondered if any 1 exsperienced this at all. I have tarrox g88 discs all round and redstuff pads all fitted at same time in Nov, and every time at hi speed the brakes fade instantly n smell really hot when cooled for a min Thir fine again. If driving normally Thir fine but if u do a a drag anything over 100+ ish n apply the brakes they disappear n dont work, Pads were ordered from website ebc direct also had 5.1 fluid put in when brakes were done. Is this normal for reds... any ideas please peeps???? Gonna be goin on to yellows next but just wondering if it could be a underlying issue or is it reds are jus cr@p! Any1 ever had this please brakes are well bedded in n tried cookin process as if they wernt already cookin lol cheers and.

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    I've never used Redstuff so can't comment from personal experience.
    A quick google search seems to give mixed reviews, but the opposite of you...they were struggling to heat the pads up and they were rubbish until warm.
    Are you sure your brakes aren't sticking, as this would cause them to get really hot and potentially fade.

    Failing that, an email/call to EBC is probably your best bet, they may be able to help/replace the pads.

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    I used EBC reds on my 8 years ago, binned them for the same reason and used the AP pads.

    V8, not for everyone but 10/10 for your effort.

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    Yeah EBC pads in general arent much good for a Monaro/VXR8.

    Performance friction appear to be the best bang for buck. You can get them from Clark Motorsport or MonkFish
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    Default Ebc redstuff brake fade.

    I haven't used EBC red stuff any of my car's. I have used the yellow stuff compound. On my tuned Subaru Impreza and found to be stable and reliable for both normal track use with no fade. Ref stuff is their "normal" pad for every day use. Yellow is their fast road/track day pad with higher friction at higher temps. Orange is race compound.
    Others cars I like the Ferodo DS2500 compound pads are good pad though can feel wooden when cold.
    Other pads consider are pagid, carbone lorraine rc5 plus sintered pads.
    A comparison of some compounds can Could here.

    This give a comparison of the of number brake compounds. This a good starting point to looking. In some instances you will cross ref the pad from another maker. Our cars are rare but the pads are standard AP racing shape.

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