Hi Guys
Although a car and Vauxhall enthusiast I don't currently have a VXR, but I note that the VXR Group come up in my searches for help on the above, although I couldn't find a thread with what I needed.
I've been trying to sort out an O2 sensor problem on my daughters Astra (2009 1.4) and checking the sensor output, it did look to be faulty. (voltage was low, and unlike on a 2010 corsa D I checked for comparison was constant rather than a "wave", although I now suspect that this is ECU related). The replacement sensor was giving a different problem, as though it wasn't "switched" on running constantly at 4.5v, and showing no response to engine RPM. I suspected that the heater circuit wasn't operating correctly, and in trying to back probe think I shorted the feed from the ECU, as there's now no voltage to the O2 sensor. I'm hoping this is something that can be confirmed if I can find the ecu and pin outs, as I assume there's no fuse in the cct?
I have since proved the sensor on another Astra (J - 65 1,4) (wifeys) and it operates fine, so it looks like I've made a mess trying to chase a fault on the new sensor that wasn't there .
Any help on location of ECU, pin out and fixability greatly appreciated.