Hello guys,

I joined the site a few months back mainly to get some help with a CIM issue that was preventing the car from even switching on! Well that kinda fixed itself, but has left me with an orange triangle on the dash, indicators that don't automatically cancel, and A/C that switches itself on when it feels like it! But the car works, so I carried on modifying the car to how I wanted it, and thought I'd share some pictures and the spec on here.

I bought the car as a daily driver late last year, it had a few mods when I got it, one of which was the main reason I bought the car, which is the Quaife ATB differential. Other bits included a Forge front mount, and 297bhp remap. This is how it looked...

So pretty much the same as every other VXR Nurburgring edition

Anyway, Even before I bought the car I had the intention of changing a few bits and making the car my own, so after doing a track day in December at Snetterton and getting every last bit of use out of the brakes, I started to make some changes.

The first of which was bigger brakes and a set of Speedline wheels.

Followed shortly by some Bride seats and rear cage.

I never really liked the standard seats, although they're comfortable I think they look like racing armchairs for fat people! lol. I wanted a stripped out street racer look, but with full interior coverings (bit like a Renault Megane R26R, or BMW E46 M3 CSL), so went for the rear cage but left all the rear door cards in and carpeted the exposed section. I'm happy with the new look, but the seats aren't that great fro my back on long journeys now!

The car stayed like this for around 3 months, with only a few small changes taking place.

like covering or changing all of the awful chrome

.....And a new grill

After that, I was going to just leave it alone............ But I then went Santa Pod with some mates and met a guy running a 435bhp mk4 Astra SRi! This changed everything!

So I decided to get myself a Garret GTX2871r with manifold and external wastegate to put on a forged Z20 LEH engine I already had that was originally intended to go in my mk2 Astra project. At around the same time I also purchased a new inlet manifold, GAZ GOLD coilovers, and a CG solid mass flywheel and dual friction clutch.

So I got the engine ready to go in the VXR.

Then, around a month ago, I found some time one weekend to swap the engines out. It went quite smoothly and managed to drive the car back to work Monday with no issues.


I've now done around 700 miles with the new engine and turbo set up on the old map and standard injectors running low boost and I'm happy to report that everything seems fine. The car is booked in for mapping with SM tuning for the 7th August where it should easily see my target power of 420bhp. I've been told the turbo can go more, but I feel this power will be sufficient for my needs, and the injectors (630cc being fitted) will be around 90% duty cycle, and I don't want to go any bigger (also the fear of the M32 going bang means 420bhp will be enough!) so 420bhp it is.

The GAZ GOLD's have now been fitted, I like cars to sit low, but this has made it a bit bang and crashy, and definitely hasn't improved the handling, so it might have to come back up a bit (it just looks so cool though!).

So here are some pics and the spec as the car is now...

Engine & gearbox:-
PEC conrods
PEC pistons
Garret GTX2871r turbo with TIAL v-band exhaust housing
Tim Hicks manifold with external wastegate
Turbosmart progate and screamer pipe
Pegasus inlet manifold
Forge front mount intercooler
Alloy radiator
Slim line cooling fan
Silicone boost hoses
3 bar map sensor
4 bar fuel pressure regulator
630cc Siemens injectors
Quaife ATB LSD
CG clutches single mass flywheel
CG clutches dual friction clutch

Front fog lamps removed
carbon wrapped weather strips
Carbon fibre bonnet (to be fitted)
gloss black rear bumper insert
De-badged front grill
Colour coded tailgate handle

Bride fixed back bucket seats
Rear rollcage
Oil pressure gauge
Oil temperature gauge

Uprated rear anti-roll bar
Speedline 18" Turini's
K-Sport 356mm brakes with 8-pot calipers
GAZ GOLD coilover suspension
grooved rear discs
braided brake lines all round

I'll try and keep the build thread up to date and report back on how the mapping goes next month