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    Default Corsa VXR 2010 Cambelt

    I have recently bought a 2010 (10 reg) Corsa VXR. It has done roughly 49,500 miles at the moment. I was thinking of changing the cambelt because this summer it was 7 years old and it has done basically 50,000 miles. And my Uncle has a 1.2 Corsa D and his cambelt went on it earlier than the recommended change time and the garage said it's a common problem with Corsas!

    I couldn't find the time interval to change the cambelt in the service book so I email Vauxhall direct, and they emailed back just now and said it was 10 years or 100,000 miles! That seems like a lot...

    Anybody have experience with cambelts going early on the VXR engine? Or any recommendations as to when I should get it changed?
    I've already had to spend a lot of money on the car in the few weeks I've owned it - 4 new tyres, new discs and pads all-round, rear shock absorber, full service, wheel alignment. Don't really want to spend another £250-350 on a cambelt change if I don't need to!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I changed mine after nine years and 57k. It still looked new but it's better to be safe I suppose. A little earlier than scheduled isn't going to do it any harm, plus you'll have piece of mind.

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    I think it's 10 Years or 100,000 Miles on these.

    I did mine at 70k when the car was 7 years old just to get it out the way
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    On Z16LEX engines the cambelt is suggested by Vauxhall as 10yr/100,000 miles. From 2011MY onwards this has been changed to 6 years - take from that what you will....
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