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Thread: Thieves

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    26th April 2014

    Default Thieves

    Some F8ck4r stole my front VXR badge ,wanted to replace it with a black one anyway, but was saving for the 2.99 + postage.

    If its not nailed down these days they wil steal anything. At least they didn't steal my new VXR number plates lol. With telling the insurers and getting them made up they cost the GDP of a small Pacific island. If i could be bothered i would go through the house CCTV and report it to the local police lol.

    Wish is was on a Pacific island i would put a little device in front of the car with the writting "front toward enemy" They would only take that once.

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    Not gonna lie, I'm hugely relieved to read it was only a badge that got taken... first thoughts when I saw the title was your car had gone..

    Badge is no issue- buy another for buttons.. or better yet, buy 10 just to be sure!

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    Sharp pointy edge and a spot of ricin on the back of the next badge
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    Fit a Taser behind so that when the badge is removed, the thief gets Tasered!!

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    As said lucky just the Badge . Might of just fell off ,caught mine just in time only held on with double sided tape. Seen some on e-bay that have a bracket & nuts on the back to secure it.

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