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    Default Need help power steering gtc vxr

    Hi everyone.
    Ive read a few posts on this but cant
    Find a solution.
    I have an intermittent fault with power
    Steering. Just out of warranty lol
    Only 27k tho.one owner.
    If you drive under 2000rpm pas is fine
    The problem arises when you go above
    3000rpm then let off the throttle.
    Instantly no pas so not very safe.
    Had a new pump fitted still the same
    Battery at 12.6 unstarted 14.8 running
    So alternator seems fine. As soon as you
    Rev to 3000 let go of throttle no pas
    Even sitting. Then tickle back to 2000
    Pas working. Ive been on to vauxhall
    As i see this as a major safety issue
    No sure how many have experienced
    Slowing for a tight corner and found
    You need to turn with no pas. Let me tell
    You its not fun . Got car home feeling
    Like uk strongest man . Vauxhall
    Lol £100 to run diagnostics.
    Had 4 different diagnostics run
    No fault codes. Nothing warning on
    Dash. So not happy. New pump fitted
    £200. Spoke to vauxhall tech they have
    No idea whats wrong . Any help please.
    I plan to take vauxhall to task on this
    Surely this is a recall issue. If my wife
    Had been driving the car would have
    Been piled into a house. What did they
    Say. Lol we cant give any gaurantee
    On any parts regardless of age or
    Mileage. Yes they said that . In an email
    So have it in black and white.
    They suggest vauxhall dealer have a
    Look and see what the problem is.
    But heard all the horror stories of new
    Racks etc. Which wont be cheap. And
    That they just fit new parts till it works
    All at my cost.
    Sorry for the rant just Vauxhall
    Never again. Back to japanese for
    Me once fixed.
    Cheers all

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    Hi D4vyk723,

    sorry to hear about your problem, certainly sounds a safety issue to me.

    Unlike other Astra GTC, the J GTC VXR has a hydraulic steering system with a small electrical solenoid valve on the steering rack shown in a photo at,


    its the small cylindrical item just left of centre in the photo, with a ribbed black plastic conduit covered wiring connection to it, that varies the steering hydraulic assistance depending on the speed of the car and Normal/VXR mode. This valve is not easy to see on the car, but I managed to take a photo of it through the drivers side wheel arch at,


    While the solenoid valve itself could stick or fail, it seems to have proved reliable on most J VXR.

    Given your steering assistance fails at a specific moment when you let off the throttle with the engine above 3,000 rpm, I suspect there might be a problem with the electrical supply to this solenoid valve.

    Can't be sure, but suspect that Vauxhall's diagnostics should be capable of displaying and recording the voltage to this solenoid valve during a test drive, and also capturing what if anything happens to the voltage at the moment of failure so it can be looked at back in the workshop, but I may be wrong about this. You might ask those that carried out the diagnostics for you if they tried to do this for you, or if they could.

    Dvader reported having a similar problem back in 2015 at,

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