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    Question Guidance

    Good Afternoon,

    I have an Astra 2009 Arden and is totally standard, I would like to increase the power to stage 1/2 coming from a BMW 335i 370bhp, i'm not power crazy just want to improve the flat spots and a Smoother drive. I have done research on whats best but could someone point me to the right modifications please?

    Stage 1
    Panel Filter( any particular brand )
    Custom Remap

    Stage 2
    Upgraded Exhaust system(nothing to loud if possible)
    Panel Filter/ K&N induction kit?

    if people can give me some ideas, i'd really appreciate it!

    thanks you

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    For stage 1 n 2 you basically already got it there. But most on here go stage 3 which is the best without going for big power. Just add:

    FMIC - airtec, dna, or mtc.
    uprated actuator n valve - to help hold the power during the hot weather periods.
    Optional - cool running thermostat.
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