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    Default New owner, looking for keyring

    Newbie here, therefore please take it easy on me.

    I'm after a keyring and notice these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1627003118...84.m1558.l2649

    Whats everyone's thoughts on them?

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    Looks nice! But personally I wouldn't get one!

    You lose that out and about, someone with "common sense" will no doubt be able to locate the car in no time and pinch it lol
    Opel Nürburgring Edition No.534 / IG - ItzMrGoodKat

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    Hi and welcome mate. The keyring looks good. Just to add, if your thinking of maybe something different - check out these keyrings?


    I've got one of these keyrings and the really do look smart and are very good quality. It's just an idea.

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