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a lot of people in general, not just the vxr scene up the power without making the right adjustments/mods to allow for that power to be useable.

I've driven both a well tuned/modified Astra and a mapped/torqued up Astra without the necessary supporting mods and the difference was night and day.

people don't really appreciate how important and how much difference it can make, only downside it doesn't improve bhp so can't be worth it right? 😉

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Lol so true. I'm finding this with my Honda/EP3.

The performance/power mods are so expensive and not a lot in terms of gains to the best way to go is down the handling route. Springs, camber arms other bits and fast road set up/geo is the way to go and difference is night and day and really makes you appreciate that handling mods aren't to be overlooked

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