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    Default Weird start up/Ctrl Assistant/Check engine: anyone else had this happen?

    Hi Foks, went out in the LS2 Auto this afternoon, drove for about half an hour, got it warmed up and did about 10 miles, came home, all seemed fine. Park the car, went in the house, half an hour later had to go up the shops. So the car is still warm. Turned the ignition on, ran the System check, Ctrl Assistant on. Tried to start it, the starter motor was turning the engine over but no attempt to start, maybe ten rotations, then suddenly about half the cylinders seems start, but running rough. Noted that Ctrl Assistant was now off. Turned the ignition off, gave it 20 seconds, turned it back on, Ctrl Assistant still off and not responding on the button but Check Engine warning not coming up on screen. Tried to start it, same thing. Started better on third attempt but still not running right. Now Ctrl Assistant is back on, but still not starting properly. On a whim turned Ctrl Assistant off...car started fine, no problems. Turner Ctrl Assistant back on and started fine again, only now Check Engine light is flashing. Has anyone encountered this?

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    Sorry mate cannot help with problem, I dont think any one answers peoples threads on here especialy when you need it like you do.
    Try HSV MONARO Forum on pistonheads, someone will reply on there.


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