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    Default Tuning with a difference...

    So im looking at doing a bit of tuning work. BUT:
    I am not really looking for more power. If some comes as a by product then happy days. Although its not my main focus.

    I want to improve the cars responsiveness. I mainly drive tight twisty b roads when i go out for a blast. (North Yorks country roads ftw)

    I've done Motorcycle tuning a fair bit, (full ti exhaust, dynojet, cams, sprockets etc etc) but not the car.

    So i'm wondering what direction i should start looking at. Ive got a turbo back system on already (scorpion), and the cdti kit with a ecu tune to suit. Also got a whiteline rarb, brembo pads & discs allround.

    Does a more agressive camshaft kit make much of a difference with a turbo? Also would better injectors make a bit of difference? (Obviously more fuel & air = bigger bang) whats the best rubber to get aswell? Im a big fan of pirelli's on the bike but they dont seem to be all that great for the car.

    Sorry for the wall of text.

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    Changing the injectors will make no difference (once the ecu has been remapped to suit) as the stock one supply enough fuel already, cams will help to increase torque and power but won't help with responsiveness. Assuming you're keeping the revs over 3.5k so you don't have to wait for boost to build then the only ways to improve the response is , a lighter flywheel which has diminishing effect the higher the gear, lower gearing if it matches the road speed better to the engine revs/power available or, lightening the car as much as possible/practical.

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    For B-road Blasts I'd advise a decent set of coilovers too and a proper 4 wheel alignment. I fitted them on mine along with the RARB and it made a massive difference to the handling. It's amazing how much difference the 4 wheel alignment can make on its own. Well worth spending about £100 to get it done properly.

    I agree a lighter flywheel does make a difference too. I've just had one fitted and it makes the car feel like the Sport button is on when it actually isn't. So effectively you've got 2 sport buttons. It's not a cheap conversion though.

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    Tuning for response these are probably the wrong cars to do that with. They already have pretty aggressive throttle response as they are. More responsive map and maybe freeing up airflow with a high flow plenum and power pipe. You'll never get bike style response though lol.

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