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    No.. do you have AFL or not ? if don't have AFL there is a lot hardware you don't have on your car..if you have AFL you car has high beam assist so you should not have to remove the cam.
    No I do not have AFL. But I can see a lense looking out under the cover behind my rear view mirror so there is still some hardware in there. My question was ;
    Can that hardware be removed without causing issues i.e. diagnostic errors
    Is there enough room in there to fit a dash cam once removed.


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    Just thought I’d mention that on both of my Astras, GTC 1.6T (63 Plate) and my Astra J VXR (15 Plate), both cars had High Beam assist that used the camera in the back of your rear view mirror.

    Both of my cars did not have AFL’s or Xenons.
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