Hey peeps well i never thought id be a member of a VXR forum. Ive owned 3 Type Rs in the past 2x EP3 and 1 x EK9 but now i have a family and 2 doors are no good anymore. I know the Zaf GSI is the same engine as the Astra GSI and i also know that those turbos do eventually fail,crack etc so are replaced with the better VXR turbo. Can anyone advise on any faults the Zaf ,might have engine wise? and what to look for? blue smoke etc. These cars are getting on now after all and i want it to last a few years. One im looking at has covered 76k and is CAT N!!! (Horror) which is Cat D i think, thats why its cheap lol. Cannot tell its had a bump though and everything looks fine. Steering wheel isnt even worn lol. Thanks for any advice one can give and PEACE.