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Thread: Buying a vxr

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    Default Buying a vxr

    Hi all
    I'm looking at buying a 10 plate vxr next week with full vsh 43000 miles and extended warranty I'm just concerned about the stories about chains stretching on earlier models and as it's a private sale no comeback any advice please guys

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    Check with vauxhall for its service history... Extended warranty is a good idea but costly though compared to some possible work on these its nothing.
    Private sale is ropey but you do have comeback... Not sure exactly what's covered though I'm sure a quick Internet search or citizens advice chat will get you more info.
    With the full vsh its probably OK engine wise.

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    Chains are an issue, but there is a user on here (nick150) who are replacing them very reasonable prices.

    Besides the chains, haldex failures seem to be the biggest failure on these. You can check it by reversing in tight circles left and right - any clunking from the rear or juddering are a symptom of failing haldex. They can be refurbed for around 2k.
    The last coatly repair (not really a failure, but rather just wear and tear on a large car with a powerful engine) is the dual mass flywheel. It will be felt as a jolt when pulling off, rattling from the engine bay or diesel like clatter) - it is replaced together with the clutch and will set you back around 1500£ as the gearbox needs to be removed which is fairly time consuming.

    I also had a few electrical gremlins (rear parking sensor became increasingly dodgy, rear numberplate light only worked sporadicly and a few other issues) but no-one else seem to have experienced this, so might just be some moisture in a circuit).

    Finally, be aware of the cost of replacing the brakes - they are quite expensive.

    Don’t be scared off though by the issues. All powerful cars have issues and because they are low volume the issues are often expensive. If it has any of the above issues, I suggest either negotiating a discount to get it fixed or find another.

    But I will say, they are wonderful cars though - I have to admit that though my new car is also awesome, I do sometimes miss the Siggy.
    2010 Insignia OPC Sports Tourer

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