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    Default VXR8 Winter blues...

    VXR8 winter blues

    So…the VXR8 LS2 Auto was parked outside on the driveway from Friday the 22nd Dec to today, 4th Jan. Trickle charged the battery to make sure it got a good start. Turned the ignition on, System Check runs, but the centre console display is black. Bugger! Turn the ignition off, turn it back on, wiggle the key just a touch and the display comes to life. Car starts without a problem. Let it run for 2 2 minutes then turn the ignition off and back on, centre console display still good, fire her up. Go down the road, running the air con on 25 degrees and I can hear the struts and all those bushes underneath groaning and creaking, drive for about about 3 miles and the centre console display has gone out again. Air con still running but controls not responding. After another 2 miles it suddenly comes back on again. Run the car, keeping it below 2.500 rpm until its properly warm then cruise through 50 mph dual carriageway zones before hitting the 70 mph carriageway and gently easing her up. Then the first opportunity comes to put my foot down, off a roundabout up a dual carriageway, running to 4,000 rpm in 3rd and have to brake for traffic pulling out without checking mirrors. Engine coasts, exhaust popping, engine braking from sports mode and then it happens, “Chime Chime” and the Check Engine light comes on, the Stability Ctrl Assistance turning itself off. Other than the chime and the Stability Ctrl Assistance going off, car is fine, engine fine, throttled back changes up a gear. Half a mile later I manually turn the Stability Ctrl Assistance back on. Car drives fine home. Turn it off on the driveway, start it again, no problems. Take it out for another 10 miles in school run traffic, can’t open her up but everything peachy.

    Gotta love the winter blues

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    Well we do have cars that we know do not like cold conditions in winter, and then throw up these weird conditions.

    I would not like to own one if I lived in say Norway, the thing would be constantly showing engine managment and bells and hooters going off


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