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Thread: Procharging.

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    Default Procharging.

    Has anyone procharged a 6.2 VXR8? I'm really wanting to do it but can only find kits for other vehicles using the LS3 or the LS2 VXR8.
    Any information and help is appreciated.

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    Hi, Yes someone has supercharged a VXR8 with a Procharger kit. If search the Monaco forum on piston heads you should a couple of threads about it. The 6.2 vxr8's use ls3 engine so any ls3 bolt on will work.
    With the demise Monkfish performance I not who is likely to be do the ecu tune though.
    Your bet in invest in one the tuning software/scanner for the GM ecu's
    No need to change the ecu since GM added SC capabilities in our ecu's

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