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    Default VXR special, first fast vauxhall.

    Hi guys n gals, new here.

    Recently bought an ex police vxr special.

    Really pleased with it so far, great history, used as a backup car rather than a daily duty car, 105k on the clock.

    Have read up and found out it is rated at 249bhp as detuned for the police for longevity. Still the fastest car I have owned to date. Had two fiestas, a suzuki and a civic with an integra type r engine in it.

    Planing to have the chains replaced in the future followed by a stage 1 map.

    I love how under the radar it is as a pretty plain looking white vectra estate, but still goes really well. Can't wait to see what it's like with the map once the chains have been done for peace of mind.

    No pics at the moment but it doesn't look like anything special anyway
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