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    Default Pipe keeps disconnecting!

    Hi all! Iíve got a 07 Corsa vxr and the last couple of days I keep having a pipe disconecting every time I put my foot down which stops my boost gauge reading boost so today I put a cable tie on it to prevent it coming off and I lost boost altogether and had the ESP light come on. After removing the cable tie I had boost again and the ESP light went out after switching off the engine and starting it up again....any ideas anyone as itís really frustrating me 😡

    I ha e a couple of pics to show what pipe it is so will try and upload them

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    To me that means the hose is blocked and causing overboost so limp mode kicks in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by genman View Post
    To me that means the hose is blocked and causing overbooked so limp mode kicks in.
    This ^
    Replace the old thin hoses with silicone boost gauge hosing, cheap option to try before anything else.
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