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    Default supercharger advice

    hi I have a 2009 6.2 vxr8 and I am looking into getting it supercharged can anyone recommend me a place to get this done other then walkinshaw thanks

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    Default supercharger advice

    I think this maybe your only option - the only other place Monkfish which closed down

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    Don't bother mate as

    1. you will never get your money back when you look to sell it on

    2. when you do supercharger it you will also need to upgrade your traction control unit as it cant cope with the extra power

    3. you will need to upgrade the clutch (if it is manual) as the LS3 clutch can only cope with 450bhp

    4. you cant really use the extra 150bhp it will made

    I know this as mine is supercharger and it cost me £8.5k for the supercharger, £1k for the clutch upgrade and £1.5K for the traction control unit upgrade


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    Hi, As noted there are only 2 commericail optins for a supercharging kit that includes installtion.
    The first is Walkinshaw's kit which based on the Aussie Eaton MP122 Kit by Harrop (the EATON distibuter in Aus). This was the kit used on the Bathhurst S special edition sponsored by Vauxhall UK.
    The second is one from WORTEC who used VXR8 dealers to do thier installs rather than doing setting a workshop. This is/was on the same SC kit used on the Monaro VXR500 special edition.

    Other than that there are serveral suitable kits from the US targettted for the Pontiac G8 GT or Corvette's with LS2/LS3 engines. These include.
    1) Maggnussen
    2) Ligenfelter
    3) Procharger
    And a few others.
    GM also offered their Factory SC (also an eaton TVS based Roots Blowwer) as "bolt on Kit"
    Ohter options are the obtain a SC equipped Crate engine
    GMPP (GM performance parts) Offer the LSA and LS9 engines.
    Mast Motersports also offer supercharged Crate engines.

    If the go the Bolt kit route you will need to obtain a copy of the tuning software for the GM ECU's.
    These are :-
    HP Tuner - US company supporting all but the most recent factory ECU's
    EFI Live - New Zealand Based also suppting several Factory GM V8 ecu's.

    if the know what you are doing there is LS2edit which allows the binary files to be edited - Developed by/for NASCAR teams.

    My preference waas for HP Tuner which works really well.

    One thing to note is that the Intenal Torque management system isn't that smart. Whilst it uses wheel speed to limit spin not the Traction. Works with or wothout the supercharger.
    In the LS9 Corevette Traction prarmeters are largely identical to the non Superchalred LS3 engine variiant. The only deviation is expected change in Manifold presuure with throttle. (easily lifted from a LS9 tune file using an editor)

    To find a thuner now you meed to ask them if they know about GMVE parametric maps.
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