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    Exclamation Run of Aluminium Bell mouth intake /MAF housing for Astra J VXR

    Im looking into doing a limited run of aluminium bell mouth intake / MAF housing's for the astra J VXR, enabling the standard airbox to be removed and a cone filter to be fitted - a very popular mod for other VXR models, but slightly more tricky on the Astra J as the MAF sensor in incorporated into the airbox.

    The current market is full of billet or 3D printed versions which are massively expensive and only come in a kit, which isn't ideal. Being a motorsport design engineer I have put a bit of time into coming up with a part fabricated - part machined design which will be sold by its self for a fraction of the price of current kits, but still offering the performance and quality of other designs.

    The image below is a render of the final design which I have had very positive CFD results from, images of the simulation will be uploaded in the next few days. The bell mouth has been optimised taking into account the maximum space in the engine compartment and the stock turbo inlet pipe to keep the flow as laminar as possible, whilst massively improving the mass flow rate from stock.


    The idea behind this design is for it to be compatible with a wide variety of cone filters and fit into a stock set up or as part of a more custom induction system. For a stock set up the top of the airbox will need to be removed and when paired with a K&N RG-1001 cone filter the induction assembly sits perfectly into the bottom of the old airbox which already has a cold air feed. However it can also be incorporated into a custom induction system being paired with a heat shielded wall and silicone induction hose.

    Thought id get the word out before I start the run to see how many people are interested and to get any pre-orders in. The numbers people are after will dictate the size of the run.

    More details of simulation data to prove the design, price and availability will follow next week.

    For more details drop me an email at ljackson311@googlemail.com or private message.
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    The CFD for the intake has now been completed including a simulation of a current design compared to the bell mouth design to show how much more efficient the bell mouth intake is. When looking at the two images below you can see there are pockets of slow moving air (circled in red). These pockets of slow moving air are caused by the shape of the intake separating the airflow from the inside wall - the result of this is a very turbulent flow, an air straightener has to be used to rectify this. The bell mouth intake however keeps the air flow attached and lamina (non-turbulent) meaning an air straightener is not needed. Paired with this the bell mouth design allows a higher flow rate of air into the turbo meaning when it comes to a re map there is more air available for the turbo to compress.

    This first image is the current inefficient intake design:


    This second image is the bell mouth design:


    As you can see above the proposed design has real data showing the bell mouth design will improve flow into the turbo!

    Pictures of the first prototype will be up in the next week or so - I shall be selling it at a reduced price compared the 5 coming afterwards so drop me a message if anyones interested!
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