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    Default Replacement rear coil springs

    Hi Guys. Just wanted to share this with you all today. Hopefully this will help others out too.

    Basically I took the Merv in to get MOT'd yesterday and it failed, requiring a replacement rear coil spring.

    So today I went to get this fixed and discovered that there a NO vauxhall replacement parts available. Not in the UK. In Germany they have 12 orders on "back order" with no time frame in terms of supplying these parts or if they will even be made available. Spain has 1 in stock apparently on the shelf, but it is believed this is a false positive and probably also doesn't exist.

    Anyway, Mike P stepped up and directed me to https://www.cobra-suspension.com/en/ advising me to look at getting a set of the springs for the 1.7 CDTi. So, I put a call in, spoke with Scott who agreed to supply the parts for the cash price of £95 and in return I have agreed to share this with you all on both here and here..... https://m.facebook.com/groups/210305...04539336381559

    The reason I share is because I suspect I will not be the only person to experience this problem. So to save anyone else the ball ache of ringing around, if you need to replace your coil springs, give these guys a shout. Call Scott on 01462811866 tell him that you too will share your purchase with the community and you should also be able to get this great price.

    Plug over😊

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    Stock springs are a complete rip-off. I went for Spax which lowered it again and improved handing. No brainer 👍🏻

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