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    Default Astra VXR J Tuning

    Evening all,
    First off I’m new here and I’d like to say hi to everyone

    I have a 65 plate Astra VXR J and I’d just like some advice on stage packages and the best place to go to do this...
    I’ve done some research for stage packages on the internet and got some ideas of what to go for (stage 2 package)
    I’ve looked at Regal Autosport, WG motorworks and courtenay sport.
    Regal autosport offer a stage 2 package for £1499
    This includes: RSS Cold Air Intake
    3” Double Decat - Sports cat can be installed in the secondary positon for an additonal £200.
    EDS Software with Rolling Road Optimisation
    Labour for in-house installation

    WG Motorworks Also offers a stage 2 package for around the £2000 mark
    This includes: ECU Software Upgrade Optimizing Boost / AFR and Ignition Timing
    Rolling Road Session
    Before and After Print outs
    3.5" Nortech Performance Decat Downpipe
    Enhance Performance Indcution Kit with JS Performance Hose
    Uprated Irdium Spark Plugs
    New Downpipe Gasket

    Last but not least is courtenay sport
    They also offer a stage 2 package for £1175
    This includes: free flowing 3” cat-less front pipe as found above in the stage 1+ package. In the quest for further power we then turn to the next restriction which is the case of the Astra J VXR is the original equipment air intake/air box. We completely remove this and replace it with a huge free flowing AEM non oiled Dry Flow Filter. This is mounted to a free flowing air flow meter housing which features a built in air straightener so correct air mass values are relayed to the ECU, finally this assembly sits within a heat deflector shield. Once fitted we install and optimise our Exclusive Courtenay Sport software on our rolling road to take full advantage of the improvements and provide full power and torque graphs.

    If anyone’s has any advice on any of these packages and which one to go for I’d really appreciate it...

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    Not sure which one is best but all reputable ,should be OK whichever you go with just a case of how much you want to spend ,I have the regal induction kit and very pleased with it.

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    I have the Courtenay stage 2 package, very pleased with it - 330+ bhp

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    I have the WG package, WG use the Rabbid maps, these work well.
    Dont get too caught up with the numbers, as some of these engines have a range of power output as standard, and therefore effect the mapped output.

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    So be a good idea to dyno it before you start???
    I've got mine booked in for a week on Sunday to see what it's putting out as standard.
    From there Im going to buy the courtenay max air intake and then have a good think if I want to get the 3" front pipe and map or just a map.
    As for the map tho I have a bluefin... So really want to use super chips/the company they are partnering up on for Vauxhall now.

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    Why not phone each company, explain what you want and then make your decision based on how comfortable you feel with each business. I had a good chat with Courtenay before deciding (and during the upgrade), and they gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing. They didn't let me down - if you ever see me on the road, I'm the one with the permanent stupid grin on my face 😁
    2013 Arden Blue Astra J VXR Aero: Courtenay Stage 2 - 338 bhp / 378 lb-ft

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