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For anyone who is interested, or experiencing similar issues, smoke when slowing down, and overrun, i thought i would bring you an update on this.may help someone in future

I first tried stem seal and nevlock retainers, a worthwhile mod. But unfortunately this did not fix the issue.!!!

I then purchased a stage 1 k04 hybrid turbo core from krs turbos. Fitted this and now car is perfect. No smoke whatsoever..

So after reading so many horror stories of worn piston rings ect... A new turbo sorted it in the end.

I was getting absolutely no smoke on hot idle whosoever. And absolutely no smoke on boost ect.... Only when slowing on overrun i would get a few puffs...

Hope this helps somebody in future..
Mine is doing something similar, when idling it’s fine but if you touch the accelerator you get a puff of blue smoke. Noticed it as I was reversing into a space yesterday and the smoke came past the windscreen. When you pull away it has a little puff. I’ve just had a Remus fitted so it’s a back pressure issue and I’m on the original turbo at 103k so it will have blown the seals