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Thread: 2018 meets

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    Default 2018 meets

    We still meet every Sunday at Starbucks Cardiff bay. We're there between 11-12 and stay there until around 1-2 depending on weather/attendance etc. I'm there every week regardless incase anyone turns up. I will post a minimum of 24 hours in advance if one gets cancelled.
    I'd like to be able to organise more fun meets too so would be grateful for any suggestions. We have a few road trips in mind i.e. Brecon, gowr and joint meets with other clubs.
    This is a Vxr meet but if you or friends without vxrs want to attend they are more than welcome too. All we ask is you bring your sense of humour
    Thanks Louise

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    Is this still happening every Sunday? I think I sent a PM but not sure I did it right.

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