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    Default How to wire up second rear fog light

    Ok this guide is still on here but it's several years old now and the members pic links are now broken.

    As I wanted to do this mod I thought I may as well do a quick write up with pics as like a refresher "how to".

    First of all usual disclaimers. This is a guide only, I cannot and will not accept any responsibility for any possible damage caused by trying this yourself using this guide.

    Pretty easy really, you'll need

    Wire connectors
    Soldering gun/iron
    Heat shrink
    Wire strippers
    Heat gun
    Electrical insulation tape
    Torch for seeing in tight areas.

    So, the issue this mod resolves

    As you can see in the below pics only 1 fog light is wired in from the factory despite there being bulbs in each side for a light on each.

    (Forgive the blurryness)

    So first and foremost as with any wiring job disconnect the battery to avoid unintentionally shorting anything out.

    Next remove your rear light units by turning the plastic latches in the boot inspection hatches. Then reach in and you'll feel 2 plastic white hand turn nuts on each side, loosen these and remove (be careful not to drop). Unclipped the light loom and the lights will pull right out.

    once the lights are removed you'll notice if you examine the plug there's a black wire with blue trace on the right hand side which is not present on the left side

    This empty space is where you need to connect a wire to.

    This is a donor wire connector I have which I bought from eBay to retrieve clips from as I'm not sure where else to get them.

    It's one of the thicker gauge wires you need, so I used a hacksaw to cut away at some of the plastic to remove the clip and avoid damaging it by poking it out. Then the clip will just remove.

    I then cut another wire off the donor loom and soldered, heat shrinked it to the other to give me enough length.

    Next lift the holding clip up on the left hand light plug and slide the connector in and clip the cover back shut

    Next remove boot flooring

    Then remove the inner bumper door trim, it just pulls out, the clips are really tough so don't be afraid to give it a good tug.

    (Again forgive the blurriness lol)

    At either side you can see where the wires to the rear light plugs come down, and the wires running along the inside of the boot.

    Feed your newly clipped in wire through

    Next, measure your new fed wire against the loom to find a suitable place to tap into the black/blue trace wire. Then cut some of the tape which wraps around the loom and unwrap a section of it to give you access.

    The loom is held in with place by several plastic clips on flat plastic pieces as you see in the pics, Unclip 1 or 2 of these to allow you to pull the wire just far out enough. Of course, when I tried to pull it I broke one so ended up cutting it off and discarding it. But it's no big deal.

    Unravel the wires and locate the black/blue trace wire. Be careful not to cut the 2 pure blue wires as they seem to connect to the door lock sensor

    Next cut the wire in a suitable place and slide some heat shrink over ready for later

    Cut another small 2/3 inch piece of wire off to give you the necessary play to link and solder. Be sure to slide over a second piece of heat shrink for the other join to the 2/3 inch wire piece. Twind the wiring together like so, avoid soldering for now.

    Now reconnect the battery and try your rear fog lights to test it all


    Now to solder in place, first re disconnect the battery, then apply flux to the joins before soldering, then solder and slide the heat shrink over. Take a heat gun and shrink the heat shrink into place for full insulation

    That's to the hard bit done, now just tidy it all up.

    Re wrap the tape neatly around before adding another small piece at the end and at the join to tuck the new wire neatly to the loom

    All that's left is to now refit boot trim and liner, and refit tail lights and nuts

    All done! Now you have 2 fog lights when that fog rears it's ugly head

    Thanks for looking, feel free to give it a go.

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    Did you give it a good tug?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeXeR View Post
    Did you give it a good tug?
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    Several tugs required .....
    W20 ADM's led Lighting shop, see link below for details

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