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    Default Haldex service parts

    Hello everyone!
    I am new on this forum and would like your opinion.
    I have recently made the service on the Haldex Clutch (oils and a filter). The car has done 48.000 km or a little over 30.000 miles. The mechanic at the Opel dealer said the oil looked fine, "just a little bit murky". I suppose he meant it was fine.
    I have seen here a post about service part numbers from 2015. The thread was closed so I am opening a new thread.
    You mention here following part numbers:
    20986573 - £55.80 Inc
    93165387 - £92.40 Inc
    93165290 - £18.84 Inc

    On my invoice the first two items are the same, but instead of 93165290 I can read 93165383. And the price was double, while other 2 items have similar prices.

    Also the Saab central mentions:
    93165387 clutch fluid
    93165383 transmission/transfer case fluid
    88862624 differential fluid (a 3rd fluid)

    I would like to know do we need to change 2 or 3 different fluids. Also in my case they have used about 0,3 litres of 93165387 and about 0,6 litres of 93165383. Are those quantities adequate?
    Thank you for any answer.
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    290 is for the gearbox... 383 is for the transfer box... wouldnt expect to need 290 so looks to me like your mechanic used the correct fluids.
    2 needed for the rear axle and diff and 1 for the transfer box.... rare for anyone to even check the transfer box.

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