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    Default Insignia VXR advice

    Toying with getting an Insignia VXR but are they any good and what’s people’s opinions on them? Thanks in advance

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    I've got a 2014 insignia vxr supersport auto stage 2 the car is fantastic mate its never let me down its not the fastest standard but it does go well when mapped pre-cat down pipe and k&n panel filter,they do handle well u can tell it's a heavy car into the corners,the 4x4 is perfect in my opinion the traction control rubbish u can't turn it fully off witch is a shame u can press the button but it don't turn fully off,
    Also it's really heavy on brake pads on the front and discs,
    I've had no issues with haldex but I've only done 17500 miles the chains r ment to be done so no issues there either
    Coming from a vectra vxr it's like night and day for me there really nice just get the face lift model hope this helps
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    2nd all that... 2015 model myself and its just a nice car in most ways.
    Hatchback is so practical.. 4wd is reassuring... seats great... roomy.
    Yes its thirsty but the engine WITH a remap is great and makes it so much more lively.
    i came from a Jaguar XF and yes i miss the odd feature of it but cant fault the overall enjoyment of the VXR

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