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    Default Most common rear axle problem, exclude haldex

    Hello Guys,

    i have problem with my rear axle.

    When i ride over a non flat road it seems like rear axle is not holding on the road properly and shake the rear axle from side to side. It is my feeling. On the flat road no any problems. I thought that i have a bad suspension so i tried to changed to different suspension, but problems are the same. With new suspension i got a metal to metal sound when i go over a hole. It seems that sound is coming from right side. I checked all bushings and everything looks perfect.

    Any advice?

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    sounds like maybe the bushings have hardened with age.... they may look ok but without levering on them with a crow bar etc to see how they flex its almost impossible to be sure.
    otherwise ive not heard of any specific issue with vxr / opc siggys or any siggy model.
    could the exhaust or the prop shaft be moving about too much.
    anti roll bar etc.... worn wheel bearing....jack in up.. support on a good stand and shake the life out of the wheel... top to bottom and front to back... any movement is a problem.

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    I had a very similar problem, with the sense of instability when at higher speeds, even though my bushes 'looked' OK, i got them replaced anyway, and the problem was resolved.

    I changed all the front suspension / control arm bushes and this fixed my issue, I would also get the rears done to be complete.

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