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    Default 57 plate Power Red Astra H VXR Stage 3



    Time has come very reluctantly might I add, to sell my Stage 3 VXR. Here's the spec:

    2007 57 plate Astra VXR in Power Red

    88k miles
    3 former keepers
    Full MOT
    2 sets of wheels and tyres included
    Clutch, brakes and suspension all new

    The car has been modified to Stage 3 and has been mapped on a very conservative dyno to 280bhp and 310lbsft (graph to prove)
    I have owned the car almost 2 years and it has never put a foot wrong, drives and handles great, engine sweet as a nut. No gearbox problems (common on these cars). I would keep the car, but I need something more practical and bigger, so with great reluctance, I have to sell.

    Service record:
    06/10/08 9863miles Evans Halshaw
    12/10/09 19546miles Evans Halshaw
    08/11/10 26852miles Arnold Clark
    11/11/11 40423miles Arnold Clark
    28/11/12 54000miles Arnold Clark
    07/09/13 61643miles Perrys Vauxhall
    06/09/14 66061miles Perrys Vauxhall
    19/09/15 71307miles Newton Car & Van
    18/08/16 76085miles current owner
    05/04/17 81799miles current owner

    Cambelt and water pump last done 15/2/17 at 80160miles
    Gearbox oil done 18/8/16 at 76085miles and 17/11/17 85091miles (Millers 75W90)
    Rear discs and pads done Sep 17 at 83898miles
    Front discs and pads and braided brake hose all round and Dot5.1 fluid fitted 12/10/16 at 77423miles
    New nearside front wheel bearing done at same time
    Pollen filter changed Nov16
    Iridium plugs fitted Apr17
    New Duracell battery fitted Nov 16
    New rocker cover gasket fitted 15/02/17 at 80160miles
    New roof gutter rails (corroded) repainted, front and rear bumpers painted and rear bootstrip painted (colour coded) Feb 17
    New clutch and flywheel Nov 17

    Since buying the car I have done a lot of work myself including 2 oil changes, 1 gearbox oil change, spark plugs (Iridium) and fitting the front mount intercooler

    The car’s spec is as follows:

    1. 2.0 16v Turbo (240ps standard)
    2. 6 speed manual
    3. Power Red
    4. Half Leather Recaros
    5. AFLs (active headlights – turn as you go round corners)
    6. Power folding mirrors (rare option)
    7. Electric Windows
    8. Rear Parking sensors
    9. Keyless Entry and pushbutton start
    10. Auto lights
    11. Auto “rain sensing” wipers
    12. Aircon (brand new aircon rad fitted Sep16)
    13. Clarion NX405E stereo (fitted Jul17) with CD/DVD MP3 and satnav (£619)
    14. Full 3” Turbo back custom Stainless Steel Exhaust (with interchangeable sports cat section) so you can swap from sports cat (road legal) to full decat with just 2 bolts (cost £1000)
    15. 8x18” Calibre Suzuka wheels (unmarked bought in Oct 16) in gun metal grey with 4 Uniroyal winter tyres with good tread (also have same size wheels in silver for summer use, again unmarked bought Mar 17 with brand new Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tyres- these are awesome and well rated on the VXR forums)
    16. MTC front mount intercooler kit with silicone hose kit and uprated top hat (fitted Jun17)
    17. Full SMD Red LED conversion so all interior lighting is red instead of yellow
    18. Forge Uprated Recirclation valve (fitted Aug 16)
    19. MTC Crossover delete with AEM cone filter (fitted Feb 17)
    20. Custom Unicorn Motor developments remap to stage 3
    21. Full Bilsten b14 coilover kit (£620 - fitted Jun17) with new front droplinks and new bumpstops and top mounts (entire suspension system is new)
    22. Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar fitted Jun17 – one of the best mods to do to a VXR- corners on rails now
    23. Fully Bosch 4 wheel laser aligned (£75)
    24. Courtenay uprated sprung clutch (rated to 400bhp) and lightweight single mass flywheel fitted (Nov17 at 85091miles –cost £1300) – I opted for the single mass lightweight flywheel as everytime the clutch needs changing, its 90% certain, with a Dual mass Flywheel, that the flywheel needs changing also. The standard clutch and DMF flywheel is about £550+fitting, so the best part of a grand. With the single mass flywheel, it’s pretty well guaranteed that when the clutch needs changing, you only need to do the clutch so it works out cheaper in the longer term. Also I fitted the uprated CSR clutch rather than standard, as well as the lighter billet flywheel (5.4kgs), which noticeably improves acceleration.
    25. BMW Mini roof aerial (shorter and more attractive than the Vauxhall one)
    26. Uprated CANBUS error free LED sidelights, number plate and internal lights

    As you can see, I have spent an absolute fortune on this car in the past 2 years and it has wanted for nothing. No expense has been spared and most of the brakes and suspension are new. The engine and handling have been improved and the car is now exceptionally quick but still totally useable day to day and returns pretty good MPG. Averages around 26MPG round town, high 30s on the motorway. The car comes with a massive folder of receipts, has absolutely nothing wrong with it at all and most of the serviceable items have been replaced. This is one well looked after VXR. It is also cleaned every week without fail by a professional valeter.

    I looked at loads of VXRs before buying this one and there a lot of dogs out there owned by boy racers who screw them about and don’t look after them. I am a total enthusiast, as was the owner before me, and the car has been treated like a baby. You will struggle to find a nicer VXR than this.

    Looking for offers around £6k. I'm in no rush to sell so please don't waste both our time with silly offers.

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