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    Quote Originally Posted by wardy View Post
    btw, thanks everybody for the love for the rs, I was expecting a right ear bashing lol

    The spec for those interested, I went for, free cup pack, titanium grey, (looks lovely in the sun) diamond cut19s, 8.7" sport monitor, alcantara seats and a spare wheel!

    I wanted the sunroof too but then you get the light coloured roof lining and I prefer the black. Also things like climate control, folding mirrors, led headlights etc are all standard.

    Pics when it finally arrives.
    They are a superb looking car and proper capable from what I read, see and hear.

    Understandable why they have such a big following

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    Great choice on the Megane R.S. Really can’t wait to see how it fairs up against the Type-R and i30 N Hyundai. Get plenty of pictures up 👍🏻

    The J VXR, had a look on Autotrader at the last 17-18 plates, they look absolutely fantastic still and modern inside and out. Plus £140 a year Tax, compared to £280 when they first came out.

    The Interiors are fundamentally the same as when they first came out in 2012 but these last ones look a higher quality Plastics and Leather etc.

    I’d love to see the J against these newer Hatches just to see if it can still cut it. Straight line, Handling etc...
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    Had the rs for about a month now but only done 400 miles.

    Have to say, apart from the good old f40 gearbox, it drives very much like the J VXR. The rear steering is a bit weird but if you trust it to do it's thing it's pretty good.

    Love the colour and the alcantara interior. The only thing I can't get on with is the iPad type screen, everything is done through it and, when you're driving and your finger is bouncing up and down on the cup suspension it gets a bit hit and miss lol.

    Oh and the lights are fantastic at night ��
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