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    Quote Originally Posted by wardy View Post
    btw, thanks everybody for the love for the rs, I was expecting a right ear bashing lol

    The spec for those interested, I went for, free cup pack, titanium grey, (looks lovely in the sun) diamond cut19s, 8.7" sport monitor, alcantara seats and a spare wheel!

    I wanted the sunroof too but then you get the light coloured roof lining and I prefer the black. Also things like climate control, folding mirrors, led headlights etc are all standard.

    Pics when it finally arrives.
    They are a superb looking car and proper capable from what I read, see and hear.

    Understandable why they have such a big following

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    Great choice on the Megane R.S. Really can’t wait to see how it fairs up against the Type-R and i30 N Hyundai. Get plenty of pictures up 👍🏻

    The J VXR, had a look on Autotrader at the last 17-18 plates, they look absolutely fantastic still and modern inside and out. Plus £140 a year Tax, compared to £280 when they first came out.

    The Interiors are fundamentally the same as when they first came out in 2012 but these last ones look a higher quality Plastics and Leather etc.

    I’d love to see the J against these newer Hatches just to see if it can still cut it. Straight line, Handling etc...
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