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    Default Few qurstions....

    Hi all.
    Just a few questions... my corsa is on 78k im wanting to keeo it for a long time is it worth recon gearbox or upgrade it?

    Also injectors... what ones are you comfertable on? Im wanting to sit comfy on stage 2.

    Want to get all bits done before mapping.
    Also prices if you can remember

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    Just get the gearbox repaired when the warning signs start happening. Upgrade gearbox was more than the car.

    Injectors - do a quick search there are some Bosch ones that are slightly bigger - perfect.

    Stage 2 is basically the map and exhaust with panel filter. It could save money in the long run by going up 1 more stage, this includes a better intercooler. You can then get a custom map and have a solid car.

    Limit a bit of the torque if you aren't forged just so you don't kill the internals. They aren't that strong so a caustious approach would probably be best.

    Inj - 150 fitted?
    Gearbox repair - 600 ish
    3" st/st exhaust with sports cat new - 1100ish
    intercooler - 600ish fitted

    Hope that helps (estimated prices only...)
    VXMMI 4 curently for sale. Message for details

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