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    So, seen a few discussion about remapping the 1.4T 100 and getting a little better results than the 150 but has anyone remapped the 150? I have had a quote for £250 which will boost 150>170 bhp and 225torque > 285.

    What do you guys think? Will the car handle it or will it kill the gearbox in a few k miles.

    Not sure if the 150 runs the same gearbox as the VXR either.


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    Its a different box, M22 apparently with max torque of 220Nm.

    (VXR M32 box has max torque of ~320Nm).

    So no, it won't last long and neither will the clutch remapped since even as standard its already at its limits.

    Just buy a VXR as it will be cheaper and better in the long run since you'll get all the other nice stuff like seats etc.
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