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Thread: Door respray

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    Default Door respray

    Have noticed the passenger door is a different shade of black to the rest of the car, guessing it’s a bad respray done by a previous owner.

    Any ideas on a reasonable amount I should expect to pay for a decent respray? Also is black sapphire an easy colour to match?

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    A good bonnet respray non mates rates would be circa 200. So probably a tad less than that.
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    My old astra was black sapphire and had to have one side sprayed, depends on who does it, had mine redone 3 times before it looked how it should. First time just came back as flat black, looked like two different cars lol
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    Black is one of the worst colours to spray , you will also probably find the panels around the door will need spraying to fade the colour in

    Best solution, go and get some quotes - as you will find it will vary from one place to another

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