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Thread: New VXR owner

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    Cool New VXR owner

    Hi all, I bought myself a 2010 Insignia VXR for the bargain price for £4000... oh boy, what a step up from my previous cars (Audi A4 2.0tdi, Mitsubishi outlander PHEV, Jaguar X type 3.0)

    Definitely bitten off a bit more than I probably should have in terms of performance, but loving it!

    First of many problems to deal with is the brake disks, they are drilled disks with some fairly impressive cracks in, I've used MTEC brakes in the past and loved them, so looking at putting them on this but can anyone explain what the C-Hook option is and should I get it?

    Also, If no one minds, there might be a few electrical questions cropping up, I'll try and post as many pics of the work I'm doing as I go, Thinking about trying to make it look as close to a standard VXR as I can, I love the idea of a sleeper!

    All the Best,


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    Morning Dave and welcome to the club. Your Insignia is a massive bargain as i never dreamt that you could have bought a 2010 VXR for £4000. Not sure if that is a problem for the owners who will move their Insignias on in the future. I just had my font brakes done by Vauxhall and they're expensive. Just depends on how much you are willing to pay and what you like. I know a few who like the C-Hook disks. Your preference bud.
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    4k?? Wow... that is barely more than a set of original discs and a chain replacement will set you back!

    There aren’t a lot of options out there in terms of brakes. The original Brembos can be bought for a complete set (bells and rings) for around 6-700£. Reyland are offering rings and I believe mtec are doing the same - but you need to reuse the original bells from the brembos and be very careful with the screws. I went for the Brembos. There is a lot of debate around the quality of the original brembos. I thought they were fine but others don’t seem to like them very much... I believe the main gripe was with the original pads though, and there are better alternatives out there such as EBC.
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    welcome and that's a real bargain.... list the issues as you find them and leta see if everyone can point you in the right direction

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