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    Default Question about exhaust I bought

    Hi guys recently I bought a Toyosport full exhaust system (2nd hand) he said it’s a straight through stainless system with a sports cat on. I’ve heard these are cheap systems and there are much better on the market but can’t really afford spending hundreds on a proper system. My question is will I need to remap my car in order to use it on my car? Hoping I don’t have to because I don’t really want it mapped as it’s quick enough for me already. Just wanted to get a nice sound from it.. (which I’m praying I’ll get from this exhaust lol). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!

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    If it’s straight through with no precat then it will chuck an emissions error code at you which could easily be mapped out or just turned off every time it appears other then that I don’t know of it breaking the car lol

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    If its full system, likely will throw a code up for emissions as said above, if you just want the noise change, a cat back system is more what you need. Any full system will need mapping in ideally
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