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    Default dip stick level allways reads full

    just wondering after the last oil change i noticed the oil level was full on the dip stick after i dropped the oil on my vxr(a20nft/34k) do i need to use a engine flush this time around????

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    Are you sure you wiped the dipstick before taking a reading? provided several litres had come out then I don’t see how that’s possible!
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    I've always found the dipstick on mine quite dodgy actually. Got mine back from a service once and checked the dipstick. It definitely appeared to be overfilled/full. I actually panicked initially as I thought it was overfilled but after dipping it about 20 times, I noticed that it is just a crap dipstick. I can't really explain how I figured out the correct level but it was as if the oil covered the entire dipstick except the top half of the marked section, so because that top half of the marked section wasn't covered in oil, but the bottom half was, I concluded it wasn't overfilled. I'd drain the oil then refill with the correct amount and take the dipstick reading with a pinch of salt. Engine flush optional.

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