Hello Guys,

i had problem that sometimes i got lost my connection with rear right wheel sensor so i bought a new sensor on alliexpres and change it. From that time stop to work front left right wheel sensor. I supposed that maybe died accidentally to low battery, so i changed this sensor too but nothing happened still show that front left wheel have too many few pulses on diag. I supposed that maybe ECU is died, which is hide under rear fender, so i changed this ecu, but still same problem. I tried to swap right rear wheel to front right wheel but situation always same, still show that front right wheel have no signal. Sometimes it start to work, but after a while it again show no connection. I tried also to program all sensors to the ecu via special TPMS tool, but still same problem. I am able to read all sensors, all batteries are ok.

Can this problem be caused by not original sensors from alliexpress? or is there any another ecu in doors, or only there is one for all sensors under rear fender?

thanks for any advice.