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    Default How to replace deployed seat airbag

    Seen as one of my new heated leathers needed a new seat airbag before fitting I thought I'd just make it into a "how to".

    First of all a disclaimer, airbags are basically small bombs. The require an electrical trigger to fire but even so take great care when handling and try to avoid static in your hands to be absolutely sure of safety.

    So drivers seat airbag had been deployed from original car and the lad I bought these off never replaced it. Seats were fitted to his van so he wasn't bothered about the airbag light.

    So airbag came from ebay, removed from an astra twintop, same part number as the deployed airbag already fitted to the seat, guy also supplied the wire from bag to delphi plug at my request too, as I read although not always the case the airbag connector can become damaged when the explosion is triggered. So to avoid any possibility of error lights from a faulty lead I decided to swap it out.

    Tools needed:

    8mm small socket
    Cable ties
    And a screwdriver maybe to help remove clips.

    So on the back of the seat the cover is held on by plastic connectors which simply interlock with each other, so undo the bottom and side bits and pull back to reveal the 3 airbag holding nuts.

    Use a small socket and 8mm attachment to remove. Then connect your new lead to the new airbag

    Undo this little screw on the plastic casing inside the airbag holder to make room to feed the thicker other end connector through the back of the seat.

    now I had already removed the old connector from the delphi plug for the old wire, but I left it in the seat to see where it runs so I could duplicate the path for the new wore so all would be totally oe. The wire runs through the hole below the bag, under the seat backs support rail held on by 2 clips, but don't clip it just yet as you need to make sure the length is correct through the seat to the delphi connector. So just pull it through for now

    Now is a good time to tighten the seat airbag nuts to securely fasten it to the seat

    next just literally follow the path the old wire takes, remove it from it as you go and feed the new one into the same positions. Down the side of the seat you need to remove the seat hinge guard to access the wire from the side, also there are 4 cable ties to cut, just take a mental note or a pic of where the cable ties are so you dont forget where you have to replace them

    Continue to remove the old wire from round all the clips and holders and replace with the new one, this also includes 2 bits of conduit that interlock together, just remove both after freeing them from the cable tie and replace both when the new wire is fed into position.

    Now at the bottom there are more are more couple more cable ties to cut. Next, you need to remove the delphi plug from the holder, long flat screwdriver, insert it into the bottom recess, gently pry the screwdriver down and pull connector at the same time to dislodge.

    Unclip the cover of the connector (it easily unclips) there is another cable tie on the plug to cut to free the wires.

    Then unclip the yellow connector from the plug and replace with new connector.

    Next start tidying up the wires. Re cable tie all areas that were previously tied, then cut to make it look oe again.

    Re attach hinge guard

    Now all the wiring underneath is secured you can now re attach the 2 clips which hold the wire into the back of the seat

    Rehook the back cover into place and voilà!

    Airbag replaced, and new cable in place to avoid any possibility of damaged connectors. This shouldn't cause any airbag fault lights.

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