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Thread: Handling Mods

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    Hi Everyone, Got A Corsa D VXR And Iím Looking To Make It Handle Better Without Breaking The Bank. I Know Itís Not Gonna Match It But Id Like It To Handle Some What More Like A Cooper S. At The Moment Sheís Got Eibach Lowering Springs So Iím Not Looking To Change Those Anytime Soon. Iíve Heard That A Rear Strut Brace Makes A Noticeable Difference, Can Anyone Back That Up?

    Iíve Also Seen This Online But Thereís Mixed Feedback, Some Say It Makes A Difference Handling Wise While Otherís Say Itís Just A Direct Replacement To The Standard One As Theyíre Weak And Makes No Difference At All.

    So Can People Please Suggest Some Suitable/Affordable Mods.

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    The strut braces might make a difference if you were tracking car but for road you won't notice any real benefit.

    Certainly not when you're still running standard shocks and some eibachs.

    So yes, they're fairly cheap do but for your car will just be "bling"...you'd be better saving for upgraded suspension, or putting the money into maintaining the car and making sure its the best it can be as standard.
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    Best advise i can give is brakes (lots of advice about them on here) and a good set of rubber on the wheels! I have a set of kw coilovers on my car and there good but with a good set of rubber on the rims it makes a hell of a difference and also investing in some bushes! There fairly cheap for what they are, but can be expensive to have installed but it if your old ones are shattered the difference should be noticeable! Also a good alignment.

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