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    Default Astra j what's best coilovers ??

    Hiya just found out my front shockers are leaking slightly and gm shockers are £350 each just wondered what others were running on the J's end how they got around the flexi ride???

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    iv got a full OEM setup for sale & possibly KW Clubsports
    435bhp 410ftlb astra J VXR
    RSS induction, RSS Fully Forged, 3" turbo back, Forge FMIC, EFR6758, Nortech Mani, Proalloy water rad, 2way KW Clubsports, Forge brace, 1/2 Roll cage, Recaro Pole Posistion, Forge braied lines, AP Racing 362mm & Pagid RS29, lightend fly & uprated clutch

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