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    Default Stage 1 Stock (advice)

    I don't know much in this area (if any at all) and i though i would ask you all
    Thinking about mapping my astra j as stage one it does not require any mods to be done under the hood i am told my question's are is it a good idea to map the car with out changing air filter or intercooler ect...? is there something i should change ? could keeping the car stock and mapping the car cause stress on the oem parts ? thanks again

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    the standard intercooler is actually quite good and only needs changing at stage 3 and above.

    You need to decide if you really want just a stage 1 or whether you will want more in the future, that said stage one is a nice increase over standard.
    The cone filter and intake improves flow and sounds different, some like the noise and others do not.

    You won't be stressing the engine at stage 1, the clutch is possibly the weak point and should be okay at stage 1

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